Quality guarantee
More than 30 years we have been producing sweets of the highest quality for Ukrainian and foreign consumers.
AVK is one of the leaders of Ukrainian confectionery market. We have been working continuously for our customers more than 30 years.
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Favorite crunchy treats with taste milk and dark chocolate; Without preservatives, artificial colors and flavors; Created according to a unique technology - without baking and leavening agents; Source of fiber, based on 3 cereal crops - rice, wheat and corn. It will always be appropriate: at work, on the road and studying as a tasty break.
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Bar Creamo" with whole almond and chocolate cream
Bar with whole almonds and coconut cream. Delicate cream in the middle with a light crispy wafer, rich coconut flavor
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Favorite bar in the To go format, always full of cellulose and carbohydrates with natural fillings in a crunchy building
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Premium truffle candies with a soft melt texture, bright aroma and unsurpassed chocolate flavor! Created for real pleasure and satisfaction
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FRUTTA with three favorite flavors: cranberry, cherry and apricot. 35% fruit filling with natural content pectin; Healthy and tasty cookies goes well with a cup of tea or milk
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Favorite crispy waffle bars in a convenient format Crispy waffle bars with a light and extremely delicate cream makes them so special.
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Chocolate night
Exquisite premium class chocolates. Chocolate Night is a candy with a rich creamy chocolate filling with whole and chopped hazelnuts inside. Milk chocolate night - it is a candy with a delicate creamy praline with a whole almond inside
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Royal Charm
The unique shape of the pyramid emphasizes sophistication and modernity of "Royal Charm" Candies based on voluminous freshly baked wafers and a delicate cream inside
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A unique collection of truffle candies made according to Belgian technology, classic truffle filling, easily melting delicate texture
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The legendary Gulliver An enlarged wafer candy with grated roasted hazelnuts and a high content of cocoa products
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100% natural product! Unique, balanced, useful. Optimal balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
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Two-section voluminous wafer candies with delicate cream.
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Favorite dessert for tea. Multi-cereal tubes with a delicate filling
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Ukraine, 04080, Kiev, 82-a, Mezhyhirska Str., building B
Україна E-mail: office@avk.ua
International E-mail: export@avk.ua
Інформаційна служба в Україні: 0-800-5000-12