Personnel policy and skills that we value

Basic principles of personnel policy of AVK:

  • compliance with existing labor legislation of the country in which the employment contract is concluded as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • decent payment to employees based on professional skills and personal achievements;
  • adaptation, training and skills development in order to create conditions for maximum realization of their potential. Support in achieving professional success;
  • compliance with social standards.

AVK - is, first of all, like-minded team with common goals. We understand each other well through the principles and skills that are the basis of our work:

  • to organize clearly activities, define the resources and priorities, constantly provide feedback;
  • to analyze and offer optimal solutions, predict the consequences;
  • to optimize the business processes we are open to new ideas and suggestions;
  • to work effectively as a team, moving towards a common goal;
  • to be focused on results according to established criteria and standards;
  • to accumulate new business contacts, defend and justify their opinions;
  • to develop personally and professionally, through self-development, learning and assimilating the experience of colleagues.

We are looking for professionals who share our values ​​and principles.