About company

AVK - one of the leaders of Ukrainian confectionery market. We are one of the 3 biggest confectionery brands in Ukraine and in top-100 world confectionery brands. Our company is successful for 25 years and is constantly evolving.

AVK company
is in top
100 world
confectionery brands.

For a quarter of a century national confectionery company AVK has been working for the consumer in Ukraine and abroad. AVK - is 25 years of quality in each and every of our sweet, since we always tend to become better than we were yesterday.

AVK produces chocolate and jelly-chewing sweets, cookies and waffles, cereal and salty snacks and other confectionery products. Taking care of the health of consumers, our confectioners have developed the widest range of dietary products among Ukrainian manufacturers. Confectionery masterpieces of our brand are well-known and loved in more than 50 countries worldwide.

We produce our confectioneries at the factory in the Dnipro city on the most modern high-tech equipment, strictly following the international quality standards.

We also follow a global private label trend – attracting the best production sites in other countries, including the Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

Today AVK is contributed by more than 3,500 professionals of confectionery business, every day working on new sweet masterpieces.

AVK - quality guaranteed!

Our values


Professionals of AVK confectionery business contribute their talent and experience to each sweet. Therefore, our products is a manifestation of the constant attention to market demands maximum transparency of production processes and guaranteed quality. We are committed to the interests of consumers and consumer confides in our products - this is the biggest reward for us.


Team is the main secret of AVK’s success. Professionalism of every member is the key towards a common goal. Together we reach all our aims and overcome any obstacles. Together we produce sweets that are loved in Ukraine and appreciated abroad.


Our striving for development is drawn from the desire to meet the demanding tastes and needs of our customers.

The key to achieving our goals is to invest in modern equipment, develop our own production technologies and constantly expand into new product categories.

We have perfected our professionalism to the highest level, and the process of creating confectionery products - to the level of art.

Company AVK
is popular within
50 countries


Over the 25 years of devoted work we have earned a reputation of a reliable and responsible company. Honest name and brand - our most valuable intangible assets. Our customers and partners know that we are trustworthy, they can rely on us. A logo on the AVK packaging became a symbol of quality.